Monday, October 31, 2005

October 8 - 9: Flying (Atlanta, Minneapolis, Tokyo, and Bangkok)

(1) It took roughly 24 hours to get from Atlanta to Bangkok, traveling through Minneapolis and Tokyo. Some may say that I really got screwed with my multi-destination flight, but the only ones who lost out on this deal were the good people at Northwest Airlines. My ticket only cost me a rediculous $620, roundtrip. That's pretty much unheard of when it comes to flying to the opposite end of the planet. The longest leg of this journey is from Minneapolis to Tokyo, clocking in at about 12 hours. My advise: grab an aisle seat and spend your waking hours walking around. Tokyo to Bangkok took us seven hours, but it wasn't so bad when you put it up against the previous flight. I finally arrived in Bangkok at 11:50pm on October 9th... I left on October 8th in the morning. (photo:

(2) Joining me in Bangkok were two co-workers, traveling seperately, who wound up on my flight when the fare was jointly discovered on Northwest's website. We decided to spend that first and second night in the same hotel in Bangkok before going our separate ways. This, in retrospect, was a bad idea because we stayed at Majestic Suites in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. The hotel was very nice, and that was the problem - it set the bar quite high for my future accomodations. However, Rich and Graham (left) had stayed at the hotel several times before on previous visits, and were correct in that it was clean and reasonable. Not only that, but I have to admit that it was pleasant to show up in a country at night after all that travel and have a decent bed waiting for you. A bite to eat at Food Land and a beer was about as much fun as I was able to muster on the 9th before turning in.

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