Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 15: Ko Samui

(1) The next morning, feeling the effects of Singha Beer and bad street meat, I spent the bulk of my morning inside my hut clutching my stomach. It should be noted that none of the photos presented on this day are actually from the 15th - quite simply, I was in no mood for playing with my camera. Though I did manage some beach time and something that resembled a normal day, there isn't too much more to tell. Forget about bird flu... worry about the street meat.

(2) Since I have nothing better to show from this day of horror, I thought it might be nice to share a photograph of my new bathroom. Compare this glorious kingdom of heaven with the craphouse I had before, and you can clearly understand why paying the extra 150 Baht is worth it.

(3) My body was sore all day long, so I figured it might be worthwhile to get my first Thai massage. Somebody from the BootsnAll travel boards suggested that I try a place called Classic, commenting on the ginger tea served to you on their cozy veranda after your hour of muscular bliss. Well, that person could not have been more correct. When on Cheweng Beach, make sure you head over to Classic. This photo, taken a couple days later when I was feeling a little better, shows, not only the tea-time veranda, but also the fisherman's pants they give you to wear during your massage. I found these pants so comfortable that I ended up buying several pairs for myself and several more as gifts.

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