Monday, October 24, 2005

October 16: Ko Samui

(1) The fact that I was still feeling rather sickly didn't really matter much due to the fact that it was pissing rain all day. A group of us, consisting of three Aussie girls, a British girl, two Canadian guys, another American, and me, made the best out of the bad weather by hanging out under the patio at Charlie's Huts playing some moronic card game called Spoons... which, in the absence of spoons, becamse Straws. October sort of marks the tail end of Thailand's rainy season, but this would be the only day during my entire trip where it just never stopped raining. On a few other days, storm clouds might roll in around four or five o'clock, rain for an hour or two, and then blow away. It was actually quite nice as it seemed to cool things down a bit. Overall, though, I would rate my vacation weather as spectacular.

(2) Me and one of the Aussie girls... Tropical Murphy's became our regular hangout, which is kind of sad when you consider that we had all traveled to Asia from somewhere far away, only to be sitting around in an Irish bar. However, we never spent the entire evening there, and it was a great place to watch a little English Premier League soccer before finding other entertainment for the night. This also worked out particularly well for me because, with my food poisoning and the rainy weather, I wasn't overly keen on venturing too far away from my hut.

(3) No comment.

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